GLOBALTRACE: Trazability software

In 2011 – at Frio Aereo – we have identified an important improvement oportunity in fresh asparagus productive processes. This improvement was related to the implementation of identification standards to exportation products, standards which promotes the trazability from the field. However, the implementation cost and technological knowledge of the age made it a low viability entrepreneurship .


During 2013 – in communion with trazability experts and agroexporters – we participated in a competition to get public fundings oriented to innovation projects financed by the FIDECOM (funding for research and development for the competitiveness) program, leaded by the Ministry of Production. Finally, we won it!


Between 2014 and 2015 our work team focused in design, develop, implement and deploy a trazability software which was register as GLOBALTRACE.


GLOBALTRACE is oriented to cover all the trazability needs and to identify any agroexportation product. It allows to acelerate processes, reduce the operational time, decrease redundant data, eliminate errors and optimize recourses.


This tool is available to all our partners and clients.



Frio Aereo expantion

Frio aereo, in order to enhance the activation of Pisco’s airport (Capitan FAP Renan Elias Olivera) as a place for sending agroexportation products, in 2014, got a 24,000 m2 ground area in Pisco city which is 10 minutes far from the airport. 


Between 2015 and 2016, ideas were developed and reflected in an anteproject level to the construction of multiple use warehouse. The idea is to cover the needs of general storage like dry, refrigered and frozen cargo as well as complementary units.


Ica’s agroexporter potential is known. We will be ready to begin the construction and then to operate, as soon as the investment viability conditions are given.


Likewise, we will be monitoring another possible locations as the Capitan FAP Carlos Martinez de Pinillos airport (Trujillo), Capitan FAP Jose A. Quiñones airport (Chiclayo), Capitan FAP Guillermo Concha Iberico Airport (Piura), among others.



Accreditation as an Inspection Body under 17020

In order to promote the competitiveness of our perishable products in the international market, Frio Aereo is developing a project to be an Accredited Inspection Body under NTP- ISO/IEC 17020 standard, supported by quality national institute (INACAL), attached to the Ministry of Production.


This accreditation will allow that frio aereo, showing its tecnic competition, can emit certificates of inspection which determine the exportation product categorization according to NTP 011.109:2013 (Norma Peruvian technique of fresh asparagus) standard and the other products requirements. This certificate will promote, according to the requirement comformity, the confidence of the final customer and more value of the product in destination country. 


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