"Pingüino de Oro" Awards Ceremony


Pingüino de Oro is an annual event that brings together the main companies of the perishable industry, governmental authorities, guilds, etc. In order to reward the different exporting companies, freight agencies, airlines and ramp servers that are standing out during each export campaign, which coincides with the calendar year.


The categories considered in this award are:


1. Category: Airlines
This category is divided into two groups according to their frequency and volume of cargo transported during the campaign:

• Cargo Aircraft
• Cargo Aircraft - Passengers


2. Category: Ramp Servers

The winner will be the one who has the least number of incidents related to the product, return the blankets in time and have an appropriate operational capacity to efficiently attend each of the flights operated.


3. Category: Cold Chain Exporters 

This category is divided into three groups:
• Fresh asparagus category.
• Flowers, foliage and/or plants category
• Other products category


4. Category: Exporters by Projection of Exports

Based on an evaluation, in which are comparing the initial projection of the exporters with their respective real export, at the end of the season, the percentage of each exporter's total deviation is determined. The one that obtains the lowest percentage of deviation for the established period, will be the winner on this category.

5. Category: Freight Forwarder Agency

The freight forwarder agency winner will be the one that has the best operational management with cargo shipment reservations, thus demonstrating greater care for the product, allowing it to be in time for its download, as well as contributing to compliance with the standards of an successful airport operation.

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